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The Fridley Moore Lake Area Learning Center (ALC) assists students to achieve their individual learning goals and receive a high school diploma. The ALC program features small classes, individual learning plans, flexible schedules, independent study and direct instruction, along with a variety of course completion options and credit for on-the-job training. The program is open to Fridley residents, as well as students from other districts and communities.

School & District News

A part of a group choir singing on stage.

Fridley Public Schools culminated its monthlong celebration of Black History Month in February with an assembly broadcast live throughout the district on Tuesday, February 28. The program, held in the District Auditorium at Fridley High School (FHS), honored Black culture through song, dance, poetry, and more. February has been nationally recognized as Black History Month since 1976.

Three people sitting at a table are talking

At the start of the school year, Fridley Public Schools embarked on a strategic planning process to identify key focus areas for the district’s future. Our planning partner, CESO Communications, facilitated a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process — including students, staff, parents/families and community members — in September and October 2022. A report of the findings of those engagements can be found on the district website, along with information about our strategic planning process.

Chinese students learn about traditional instruments to help strengthen their understanding of Chinese culture

The Chinese program at Fridley High School invited professional teachers of traditional Chinese instruments to speak to students on February 16. Students taking Chinese 3 are currently learning about daily routine and school life, including classes, after school activities and hobbies. A cultural project included in this level is to learn about Chinese traditional instruments and compare and contrast them with Western instruments.

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